Celebrate the Queen's Birthday With a Stage Race

2017 Overall Winnners:

A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
D Grade
General Classification
Cyrus Monk
Jim Timmer-Arends
Thane Russell
Frank Benstead
Sprint Champion
Cyrus Monk
Paul Yeatman
Danny Dilger / Steve Muggeridge
Robyn Baker
King of the Mountain
Cyrus Monk
Ollie McLean
Steve Muggeridge
Frank Benstead


Full GC results can be found in the linked to pdf.

the 2017 Crowe Horwath Gippsland 3 Day Tour podiums

This year Wellington, Warragul and Latrobe CC's are our host clubs.

For 2017, non Gippsland club members will be able to enter provided they have raced at least twice with any combination of the five Gippsland clubs since the last tour. Each grade is be limited to 30 riders with entry priority given to Gippsland club members.



Each year racing is provided for A, B and C grades. D grade is held when numbers are sufficient. Handicapping will be performed by Rob Monk in consulation with members' clubs.

Grading is finalised and ITT start order is set. The weather's looking cool though mild. Should be a good weekend. See you all there.

2017 Host Clubs

Wellington CC - Day 1: Stage 1 - ITT (11am)

Wellington CC - Day 1: Stage 2 - Heyfield RR (1:00pm)

Warragul CC - Day 2: Stage 3 - Burke St, criterium (10:00am)

Warragul CC - Day 2: Stage 4 - Shady Creek RR - (12:30pm)

Latrobe CC - Day 3: Stage 5 (10am)


Presentations will be held at the Yinnar Hotel. This venue will open at midday for lunch.

Wayne Tunks returns as our commissaire.

Peter McLean reprises his time keeper role.


Depending on conditions on the day, race route and or distances may be altered.


Queens Birthday Weekend

10th June to 12th June 2017

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